Child boozers’ mothers admit being prostitutes and drunkards

By Staff Reporter

Some parents of children caught on two viral videos on Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve openly taking alcohol in Harare and Murewa have admitted being sex workers and drunkards whose behaviour was being copied by the minors.

This they said during an open engagement with the First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa at Zimbabwe House in Harare weekend.

“Amai, I am a guzzler but I expect better things for my children, and I do not want them to consume alcohol as I do.

“I was hurt by what my child did, and everyone is saying the child took after his mother,” said one of the parents.

A sex worker from Juru Growth Point said two of her children were among those caught on the video.

“I have five children and among those caught drinking were two of my daughters.

“To be frank, I am a sex worker even though I do not expect such from my children.

“That day I realised just how bad my job is because my children are following suit.”

In her remarks, Mnangagwa urged the women to abandon sex work and start being good examples to their children.

“Doing sex work spawns death. Some of the things we are doing at home prompt our children to be naughty,” she said.

Mnangagwa added, “I want you to leave the world’s oldest profession, prostitution, and move forward.”

The president’s wife later agreed on facilitating small business ventures for the parents which include a hardware and retail for parents of children caught in the Harare video while the group from Murewa chose detergent making and poultry.

Mnangagwa directed the Zimbabwe Women’s Micro Finance Bank to issue loans to the women while the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Community, Small and Medium Enterprises Affairs was asked to implement and oversee the projects in conjunction with her office.

The children, who include boys and girls, were filmed by members of the public taking the alcohol in two different places in Harare on Christmas and Juru Growth Point on New Year’s Eve.

A Mbare shebeen owner was arrested for selling the alcohol to the minors on Christmas Day.


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