UPDATE: EMA order on Scott Sakupwanya to halt operations at Redwing Mine

By Caleb Chikwawawa

The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) has stated its position after ordering Zanu PF legislator Scott Sakupwanya’s Better Brand Mining (BBM) to halt operations at Redwing Mine January 8, 2023 following unsafe mining practices that have resulted in death and massive environmental degradation.

The order followed 21 deaths in 13 months, something that left the money-spinning venture by the controversial gold magnate at a loss on how to remedy the situation.


Better Brands Mining, in conjunction with hundreds of small-scale miners widely known as sponsors, are carrying out gold mining operations in Penhalonga, where Redwing Mine used to operate.

The project, a source of livelihoods for a lot of unemployed youths in Manicaland, was flagged as unsafe by NGOs and EMA.

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Following the order to cease operations, there were conflicting reports that Better Brands Mining had defied the order and continued with operations.

The incident which left 15 miners trapped for three days following a shaft collapse at Redwing has spotlighted on the activities of Better Brands Mining.

Zimstar News sought comment from EMA spokesperson Amkela Sidange on the status of BBM’s operations at Redwing Mine following the order to cease works.

Sidange said, “The Environmental Protection Order to cease operations was mainly focusing on environmental issues such as rehabilitation of the mined area. The mine was opened after a joint inspection with other arms of government including the mining expert personnel from Ministry of Mines and Mining Development. At the time of the uplifting of the order, there was an improvement in the state of rehabilitation to the satisfaction of the Agency. The Agency then continued monitoring state of rehabilitation at the mine as per its mandate.

“Kindly note it is not the mandate of EMA to regulate safety standards in mines, please refer questions on the same to Ministry of Mines and Mining Development.

“The Agency was saddened by the incident of the 15 miners that were trapped, and grateful that they all came out alive. The Agency would like to encourage project developers to ensure projects are implemented in a manner that protect public safety and environmental integrity.” X – @zimstar_news

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