Police deny arresting Ostallos Siziba during by-election campaign

By Staff Reporter

Police have dismissed claims that they arrested Gift Ostallos Siziba while a door-to-door campaign ahead of the February 3 by-election in which the CCC politician is battling to recover his Pelandaba-Mpopoma constituency seat in Bulawayo.

CCC spokesperson Promise Mkwananzi posted on X Tuesday claiming his deputy has been roughed up by police.

He accompanied the post with an image of police apparently confronting Siziba.

Posting on X on Wednesday, police said, “The ZRP dismisses social media postings alleging that Gift Ostallos Siziba was arrested by the Police while conducting door to door campaigns in Bulawayo on 09 January 2024.

“The Police only approached Gift Ostallos Siziba and his campaign team to account for what they were doing after receiving complaints from members of the public.

“After that, Gift Ostallos Siziba was allowed to go. Therefore, the Police dismisses the social media postings with contempt they deserve.”

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