Oscar Pistorius set for Friday release, barred from drinking alcohol

By Sports Reporter

Jailed former South Africa Paralympic champion Oscar Pistorius is finally set for release this Friday but will have to do with sanctions which include a ban from drinking alcohol during his parole period.

Pistorius was jailed for his shock shooting and killing of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp as they shared a bedroom on Valentine’s Day in 2013.

Steenkamp was using the loo on the fateful night when the sports celebrity opened fire towards her direction and killing her through the toilet door.

He later told court during his trial that he had mistaken his late partner for an intruder.

Pistorius, now 37, he was sentenced by an appeal court in 2017 to 13 years and five months in prison for Steenkamp’s murder, overturning a previous, more lenient punishment of six years.

Under South African law, all offenders are entitled to be considered for parole once they have served half their total sentence.

South Africa’s prison department said that “general parole conditions” would apply to Pistorius, and that his celebrity status would not apply.

Authorities said, “he will be expected to be home at particular hours of the day. He may not consume alcohol or other prohibited substances.”

“Participation in programmes identified by the parole board will also be compulsory for him.

“As [with] other parolees, Pistorius is restricted from conducting media interviews.”

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