More woes for motorists as government doubles road toll fees

By Staff Reporter

The Zimbabwe government has doubled road toll fees as it set in motion, its range of punitive taxes imposed by Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube in his budget statement late last year.

Under the new fees, a light motor vehicle will now pay US$4 to earn passage through a toll gate on premium roads. On other roads, it is now paying US$3.

A minibus will now pay US$6 (up from US$3) on premium roads and US$5 on other roads.

Buses will now pay US$8 (up from US$4) to pass through a toll gate on premium roads and US$6 on other roads.

Heavy vehicles now pay US$10 (up from US$5) and US$8 on other roads while haulage trucks now fork out US$20 per toll gate, up from US$10 on premium roads.

Residential per term is now US$80 (up from US$40) on premium roads and US$60 on other roads.

The hike in taxes imposed by government has received wide condemnation from among Zimbabweans who have seen the public purse plundered by corrupt top officials.

The fees are being administered by ZINARA.

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