Comedian Comic Pastor found not guilty of wife abuse charges

By Caleb Chikwawawa

Local comedian Prosper Ngomashi, better known as Comic Pastor, has been acquitted following trial on charges of abusing ex-wife Munyaradzi Mavura.

The court said the state failed to present enough evidence to arrive at a guilty verdict.

Mavura had accused Comic Pastor of abusing her several times.

The only witness in the matter, Mavura had claimed her now ex-husband would beat her up each time she had an argument with the comedian’s current wife Noddy, who was his girlfriend at the time.

She also claimed the abuse resulted in her suffering miscarriage.

However, the court found Mavura’s evidence not sufficient to sustain the claim of abuse.

The court also said the medical report presented by Mavura did not provide evidence that the alleged abuse indeed caused the miscarriage.

The court disapproved Mavura’s argument that she delayed reporting the matter because she was unaware of her rights after knowing that she reported the matter in 2016.

Comic Pastor denied the accusations during trial.

Epworth magistrate Jesline Madaka, presiding over the matter, concluded that the state had failed to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt, arriving at the no guilty verdict.

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