‘Ndaihura’, says Zanu PF cleric Obadiah Musindo in plans to wed 22-year-old lover

By Staff Reporter

Controversial cleric Reverend Obadiah Musindo (53) has admitted engaging in multiple sexual relationships with different women in the past as he announced plans to wed his newfound 22-year-old lover.

In a viral video recorded by H-Metro, the Destiny for Africa Network (DAN) founder who turns 54 this coming March said he owed no one an explanation on why he was marrying a much younger partner.

“No one can force me to marry a number; to say marry this 35-year-old. I am not marrying for people. I am marrying for myself. I am following my heart,” he said without disclosing the identity of his new lover.

Musindo said he would not be distracted from pursuing his plans, claiming he was a victim of bad publicity with some have erroneously putting his age at 70.

“Vari busy kuukura isu tichingodanana, vachiukura (They are busy barking) while we enjoy our love relationship).”

Musindo, a fanatic Zanu PF follower and benefactor, said he used to enter into multiple sex relationships with different women but has since stopped.

“Kudhara ndaimboita msikanzwa, ndakamira kudhara kuita zvechihurehure izvi. I could have died,” he said.

Musindo took the opportunity to announce his pending marriage to his fiancée.

“I am inviting you to a big wedding yevanodanana (of those genuinely in love).

Musindo said he looks 15 years younger than his real age because he was taking good care of himself.

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