Scott Sakupwanya in dating storm with South African beauty entrepreneur

By Caleb Chikwawawa

Zimbabwe gold tycoon and MP, Scott Sakupwanya has been forced into a public denial of claims he is in a love relationship with popular South African beauty entrepreneur Mihlali Ndamase and is gallivanting the world with the content creator.

Social media in both Zimbabwe and South Africa has been buzzing with claims the free spending Zimbabwe politician is now Mihlali’s new sugar daddy. Mihlali is founder of Beauty and the Beat.

A post by socialite Miss Khawula suggested the Mabvuku legislator spoiled his chick with a trip to London in October this year.

Mrs Khawula posted, “Meet Mihlali’s new sugar daddy Scott Kupa.

“Scott Kupa is a Zimbabwean government official and has been showering Mihlali Ndamase with lavish gifts.

“In October; Mihlali Ndamase went on an-all expenses paid trip to London; United Kingdom sponsored by Scott Kupa,” read the post.

Musa Khawula on X: “Meet Mihlali Ndamase’s new man: His name is Pedzisayi “Scott” Sakupwanya. Scott is a Zimbabwean member of parliament representing Mabvuku Tafara constituency. Scott is also a gold dealer and features prominently in the Al Jezira documentary ‘Gold Mafia’ as one of the top gold… https://t.co/DQa5Nb5kGd” / X (twitter.com)


The post generated nearly 500 000 views on Khawula’s X.

Scott has since denied the allegations in a WhatsApp conversation with Maphephandaba.

“That’s a lie, I don’t even know this person,” Sakupwanya said.

Scott Sakupwanya said that he is too busy to be dating anyone and his only focus is his business and his family that he respects.

According to Maphephandaba, Scott threatened to sue those circulating the rumours.

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