Opposition leader Chamuka reinforces call for unity govt in Zimbabwe

By Staff Reporter

Opposition People’s Unity Party (PUP) leader Herbert Chamuka has reiterated his calls for President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Nelson Chamisa to form a unity government in what he believes was crucial to ending the country’s multi-faceted crisis.

At media briefing in Harare Thursday, Chamuka expressed his concern over the deteriorating political and economic situation in Zimbabwe.

He argued that given the historical context, whenever the country has faced challenging times since its independence in 1980, a GNU has emerged as the only viable solution.

Chamuka said there is an urgent need for collaboration and unity among political leaders to address the current crisis.

“The current situation in Zimbabwe is undeniably challenging, and it has become increasingly apparent that elections alone cannot bring about the necessary improvements to our struggling economy.

“As we find ourselves in the post-election era, uncertainty looms over the economic future of our nation.

“The unity government formed in 2009, following the merger of ruling Zanu PF and opposition MDC, demonstrated that progress can be made when political parties work together as one voice,” Chamuka said.

“This alliance brought about positive changes and instilled hope among the people. Given the current hardships and the lack of clear direction our country faces, I believe it is important Zanu PF and the opposition to once again come together for the greater good of the people, as they are the ones suffering most.

“It is important to recognise that collaboration between these political parties should not solely benefit them but should prioritise the well-being and needs of the people.

“By setting aside their differences and focusing on the common goal of improving the lives of Zimbabweans, positive change can be achieved in these challenging times,” he said.

In the event that Mnangagwa and Chamisa decline to come together for dialogue, Chamuka stated that the next course of action would be to engage the Southern African Development Community (SADC) in order to explore avenues for their unification.

Former senator of the opposition MDC, Morgen Komichi, was present during the address in support of the notion of establishing a government of national unity (GNU).

Komichi stated that for citizens to experience a prosperous and fulfilling life in their own country, it is crucial to foster an environment of peace, unity, and a collective vision.

By embracing these fundamental principles, Zimbabwe can embark on a path towards progress and shared prosperity.

“By fostering unity, peace, and a shared vision, we can confidently anticipate victory and success, ultimately a prosperous economy for our country.

“However, the current climate of uncertainty surrounding our nation’s future leaves the populace craving answers.

“The frequent recalls within the opposition and the repeated occurrence of elections reflect a lack of organisation within the country. Under such circumstances, the outlook appears bleak for our nation,” Komichi said.

He added: “In light of this, I implore the opposition to prioritize internal organisation and cultivate a sense of peace within their party.

“By doing so, it will become easier for both the ruling and opposition parties to find common ground and speak with a unified voice, a voice that upholds principles of unity, peace, and collective solutions to counter the ongoing deterioration of our economy.”

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