Family fix as man (20) impregnates sister (13)

By Staff Reporter

A 20-year-old Harare man raped and impregnated his 13-year-old sister April this year in a shock act that has left the siblings’ family with nowhere to hide.

Court heard this week that the brother, who cannot be named to protect the identity of the minor victim, took advantage of the absence of the siblings’ parents to commit the act.

The family resides in Ushewokunze.

It is alleged that sometime in April this year, at around 7am, the girl was sweeping the kitchen while her brother was sleeping in his bedroom.

The brother allegedly called the minor to his bedroom but she refused.

She later complied after the brother kept shouting her name.

On her way, court further heard, she met her brother in the dining room who grabbed her, gagged her to stop her from screaming and dragged her to his bedroom where he raped her.

After committing the act, the brother allegedly threatened her if she ever revealed the abuse to anybody.

The matter came to light last month when the siblings’ mother discovered she was pregnant.

Upon questioning, she revealed the incident.

The family later filed a police report leading to the family member’s arrest.

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