Bulawayo extends water-shedding schedule to 120 hours a week

By Staff Reporter

The Bulawayo City Council has extended its water shedding schedule from 96 hours to 120 hours a week as the authorities tighten measures to preserve the resource amid a host of debilitating factors.

This tough measure follows reports the city’s supply dam levels have reduced to just 43 percent coupled with the decommissioning of Umzingwane Dam and the looming El Nino induced drought.

Announcing the development, mayor David Coltart said as part of measures to preserve the precious resource, council has moved to 120 hours of water shedding a week.

Only the CBD and the city’s industrial areas have been spared the tough measures.

“The City of Bulawayo at its Special Council meeting held on Thursday, 14 December 2023 resolved to introduce the 120-hour water shedding programme from Thursday, 14 December 2023,” Coltart said.

“The interruption of water supplies will be implemented throughout the City, with the exception of the industry and Central Business District (CBD) areas.”

Authorities said that the water preservation measures are a result of reasons such as the El Nino wave, low dam levels, decommissioning of Umzingwane dam and low system input volumes.

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