CCC says banned party candidates to contest by-elections

Calls on party followers to turn up in numbers and vote back ousted MPs

By Staff Reporter

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has vowed disqualified party candidates will be contesting in Saturday’s by-elections while insisting their controversial disqualification by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) basing on a High Court ruling Thursday has been suspended by a party appeal against their ouster.

In a statement Friday, party spokesperson Promise Mkwananzi said the main opposition’s lawyers have served ZEC with a court appeal against the High Court ruling which granted Sengezo Tshabangu’s application to have the recalled MPs blocked from contesting the polls under the banner of the party.

The self-proclaimed CCC secretary general’s authority to act on behalf of the Nelson Chamisa led opposition has been challenged by the party.

“Our team has successfully served ZEC through the Chief of Elections Utoile Silaigwana with our court appeal and a letter of all our legitimate candidates to be included on the ballot for tomorrow’s by-election,” Mkwananzi said.

“The statement by Silaigwana that he has removed candidates is therefore nullified by the court appeal.

“Accordingly, by-elections are proceeding as scheduled tomorrow with all our candidates on the ballot paper. We urge all citizens to turn out in their numbers to re-confirm our legitimate candidates by electing them back.”

CCC revealed it was courting SADC in the pursuit for lasting political solutions to the country’s political crisis.

“As we grapple to find a lasting political solution through SADC and other avenues, we urge the citizens of Zimbabwe to turn out in their numbers tomorrow and make an unequivocal statement through voting back their representatives as elected on the 23rd of August 2023,” CCC said.

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